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Canary Wharf Part 3 – The gardens

0 Written by Lisa on 14th Nov 2016 in Inspiration


You may question what the image above has to do with gardens, but as we were about to go up the escalator to the Cross Rail Roof Garden, this was the scene out of the window. Quite dramatic don’t you think?


I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got to the top of the escalators so it was quite a surprise to find tree ferns and lush foliage.


The structure itself was really interesting too, timber-frames with some sort of special plastic covering which had obviously been chosen to give the plants the best environment.


It looks quite deserted in these pictures, but as lunchtime approached it soon started to fill up with people.


Canary Wharf felt quite lacking with green space which was quite surprising considering that London as a whole is pretty leafy.  Jubilee park in the centre did provide some relief to the stark grey architecture of the high-rise buildings.


The light was gorgeous late in the afternoon with the sun streaming through the trees. A pretty nice place to sit at lunchtime, especially on a warm day no doubt.


The frothy heads of pennisetum were glowing in the light – they’re such tactile plants, they draw you in and make you want to touch them.


But as beautiful as the trees and grasses were, what caught my eye from a photographic perspective was the drain in the water feature which ran along the middle of the park…really quite mesmerising!



(Images: Lisa Cox)


A trip to Canary Wharf with my camera

0 Written by Lisa on 3rd Nov 2016 in Inspiration


I’ve never been to Canary Wharf before, quite amazing really considering that I lived in London for 8 years and worked in the City for most of that time. Read more

A visit to Raglan Castle with my camera

0 Written by Lisa on 7th Apr 2016 in Inspiration

Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

I remember going to Raglan Castle when I was little.  We always spent some of our holidays on a farm near Brecon so we stopped en route I suspect.  We used to love it, feeding the orphan lambs and helping when it was shearing time. Read more

A trip to Box Hill at dawn – Part two

0 Written by Lisa on 12th Dec 2014 in Inspiration

Frosty morning on Box Hill Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I hope you enjoyed the photographs I shared on Wednesday of my trip to Box Hill last Saturday at dawn. Read more

Textures & materials: A walk with my camera in Leatherhead

2 Written by Lisa on 28th Feb 2014 in Inspiration

Pathway by St Marys Church Leatherhead Lisa Cox Garden Designs

It never ceases to amaze me how looking through the lens of a camera can change the way you see things.  I’ve lived in Leatherhead for 11 years so I know it pretty well, but it’s not until I go out with my camera that I really start to see things. Read more

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