Mood boards are a brilliant tool to really understand what motivates you

4 Written by Lisa on 12th Jan 2012 in Design Tips

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I use colour psychology to enhance my design process.  When I meet new clients to take a full brief I ask them to put together a “mood board” before the meeting so that I can really understand what their personal style is and how this fits in with the colour seasons.  This series of images, textures and objects provides a platform for dicussion which helps to bring out elements of the brief that might otherwise remain unsaid.

When I worked with Fiona Humberstone at Flourish Studios to develop my new website, we went through exactly the same process so that we were sure that the design truly delivered the message I wanted it to.  Mood boards are a really effective tool to clearly present the things that motivate and switch us on.  I mention my website experience because I think it really demonstrates what I mean.

I hadn’t always felt uncomfortable with my initial website, but as my business progressed and moved forward I had started to feel that it didn’t really represent who I am as a designer.   I don’t have a picture of the home page to show you but I do have an old document cover which demonstrated where I was…

Putting together the mood board below painted a very clear picture of me and my business enabled the Flourish team to develop a website that truly feels my own.

…and look how brilliantly my new website fits in…

Using mood boards in the garden design briefing process works in the same way as it provides me with a snapshot of the things that motivate and excite my clients.  This picture not only provides information about their personal tastes but also gives me invaluable information about how their style and colour choices fit in with the world of colour psychology and in which direction the design of the garden should move.

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4 Responses to “Mood boards are a brilliant tool to really understand what motivates you”

  1. We are huge fans of mood boards as they really help the communication between client and designer. Luckily for you Lisa (or have you deliberately lost those old website designs? ;-)) I have a link to your old site right here 😉

  2. Lisa Cox says:

    Not deliberately lost at all – should have remembered that you would have blogged about it! 😉

  3. Amanda Jacober says:

    Hi Lisa, really liked your board. I write a blog about interior design and wanted to show how we sort of do the same for the outside! I and have included your details and link on my blog due to be published in the next week … thanks Amanda

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks Amanda

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