When Do You Think About Your Garden?

2 Written by Lisa on 27th Sep 2010 in Design Tips
Spring and Summer are the usual answers to this question, as it is during these seasons that we spend most time outside in the garden.  When everything comes to life in early Spring, we start thinking about how we might like to be using the garden and look forward to the time when we can invite our friends round for a BBQ or a glass of something cold. 

Conversely, it is also during these seasons that we remember that there are parts of the garden that really don’t work.  We remember the gaps in the planting and the difficult areas where nothing will grow.  We remember that there’s a rose that is out at the same time as a shrub and they just look hideous next to each other.  We also remember that the terrace is just a bit too small to be able to eat out comfortably and that there’s nowhere to sit in the shade when we do get those mini heat waves. 

So, we make a pact with ourselves that we’ll wait until it’s a good time to replant things and decide to sort it all out before next Summer.  Of course by the time Autumn is upon us, and we’ve experienced the usual rains of August, we’ve forgotten all about it, so we go through the Winter in blissful ignorance until the whole cycle starts all over again the following year. 

The fact of the matter is that the time to be thinking about your garden is at the end of the Summer. The brief can be taken and the design can be worked through whilst the garden is still fresh in your mind but, more importantly, the construction work can take place over the Winter months when you’re not really using the garden.  Sure it might be muddy and sometimes the weather plays a part in slowing things down, but if timing is such that the building work is all done by the time early Spring is upon us, it’s perfect time for planting and, hey presto, you have a garden that you dream of in time to lap it up over the Summer months!

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2 Responses to “When Do You Think About Your Garden?”

  1. Nicky Parker says:

    Caught red handed!
    I’m very guilty of doing this. I always have great plans about what’s going to happen in the garden and by the end of the year I realise it just hasn’t happened.
    This year I have been better at getting some of the projects done, but you’re so right. That’s probably why I’m always buying bulbs (Spring and Autumn flowering)and then throwing them away because I never got round to planting them!

    Great post as always Lisa

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Nicky – always tricky to plan things so far ahead, especially when the last thing you’re thinking of doing is sitting out in the garden. Create a picture in your head of how your bulbs will look in the Spring, that’ll kick you into shape 🙂

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