An inspiring visit to Hauser & Wirth in Somerset – Part Two

6 Written by Lisa on 27th Sep 2014 in Inspiration

Salvia at Hauser Wirth Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Part two of my visit to Hauser & Wirth in Somerset on Tuesday features some close-up photographs I took of the planting.  The sunlight was diffused by the misty air which made for some good shots.

Have you noticed how many spiders there seem to be around this year?  The early morning dew made them glisten in amongst the plants…

Spider's web Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Autumn spider's web Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Cobweb in Hauser & Wirth garden Somerset Lisa Cox Designs

What I love about Autumn perennial planting is the mix between faded flower heads and those that are still flowering strongly.  Look how fabulous the salvia spikes look amongst the frothy flower heads of the grasses.

Hauser Wirth Garden Somerset Lisa Cox Designs

This Verbena bonariensis was on it’s own and we suspect that it had made it’s way into the garden by itself.  But the contrast between it and the light flower heads of the grass looked gorgeous.

Verbena bonariensis Lisa Cox Garden Designs

One of the stars of the garden was the persicaria which was in full flower and still quite vibrant.  I loved the way it mixed through this white aster…

Persicaria planting Lisa Cox Garden Designs

But equally it looked fabulous on its own.

Persicaria at Hauser Wirth Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The fluffy pennisetum flower heads were glowing with dew and reminded me of the hairy caterpillars we used to see when I was a child.

Pennisetum flower heads Hauser & Wirth Lisa Cox Designs

Penisetum flowers with dew Lisa Cox Garden Designs

And of course the Helenium ‘Morheim Beauty’ was gorgeous as ever, it’s such a photogenic flower and always looks fabulous contrasted with grasses.

Helenium Morheim Beauty Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Helenium Morheim Beauty at Hauser Wirth Somerset Lisa Cox Designs

I’ll leave you with some more close-up images of flowers and seed heads.  I be back again soon with some of the other photos I took on the day, most of which were taken after we left the garden.

Hauser Wirth Somerset garden Lisa Cox Designs

Hauser Wirth borders Somerset Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Perennial seed heads Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Monarda seed heads Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Perennials & grasses Piet Oudolf borders Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Grasses in entrance courtyard Hauser & Wirth Somerset Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Autumn borders at Hauser Wirth Somerset Lisa Cox Designs

Grasses & perennials Hauser Wirth Somerset Lisa Cox Designs

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about the garden and gallery there’s lots of information on the Hauser & Wirth Somerset website.


(Images: Lisa Cox)

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6 Responses to “An inspiring visit to Hauser & Wirth in Somerset – Part Two”

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful season of autumn. 🙂

  2. Amazing photos, Lisa. Just gorgeous. I am very jealous of the Persicaria too – it was one of my favourites in my Surrey garden but I have never seen it in this much drier country that I now live in.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks Aeja!

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks Janna – Love persicaria too…bet you can grow some things we couldn’t even contemplate over here though!

  5. Kate Jacobs says:

    So Inspired by your lovely pics – the next best thing to actually visiting and that might take me a while! Thanks so much. Any idea what variety etc that spiked Salvia is, I love its deep hue?

  6. Lisa says:

    Thanks Kate – well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area or even as a special trip! I’d like to go back in a year or so when it’s had more time to mature. Regret I don’t know which Salvia it was but think the dark hue is just down to the fact that the flowers were fading.

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