The Autumn Personality – What’s Their Style?

0 Written by Lisa on 2nd Feb 2011 in Design Tips, Inspiration

The autumn personalities are passionate, strong, warm, friendly and earthy.  They are very interested in others and learning about the world and environment.  They can appear a bit bossy or rebellious, but their natural enthusiasm and organised and practical nature makes them great leaders and campaigners.

Gardens designed for people reflecting the patterns of autumn will be organic and authentic.  They have a strong connection with the outside and care about environmental issues so the garden would need to be built using sustainable methods and materials.  Wood and natural textured stone will almost certainly feature and the overall feel of the garden would be natural and organic.

Autumn personalities love history so any sculpture, pots or furniture are likely to have a rustic and authentic feel to them, chunky wooden furniture or a weathered stone bench for example.  They like to feel comfortable and cosy so the garden might include a series of garden rooms, each to be enjoyed in their own right.

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