A glorious morning at Loseley Park – The Flower Garden & Long Water

4 Written by Lisa on 26th Jul 2013 in Inspiration

I hope you enjoyed my earlier bog post about The White Garden at Loseley Park.  I’m now going to share the images I took of The Flower Garden and long water pond which are my favourite parts of the garden.

The Flower Garden at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Designs

The Flower Garden I love because it’s surrounded by pleached trees and is always full to the brim with warm and vibrant planting.

The Flower Garden at Loseley Lisa Cox Designs

The helenium seem to have arrived early in all gardens this year which is quite surprising considering the fact the late arrival of anything that even slightly resembled summer…difficult to remember that now with the 25-30 degree sunshine we’re having daily!

The Flower Garden Loseley Park Lisa Cox Designs

Flower garden at Loseley Lisa Cox Designs

Loseley Park Flower Garden Lisa Cox Designs

Doesn’t the miscanthus look wonderful…frames the tree brilliantly!

Miscanthus zebrinus in Flower Garden at Loseley Lisa Cox Designs

The long water pond isn’t visible from the rest of the garden, you can see it from the top of a grassy slope, but if you stumble upon it after you walk through a small brick-arched tunnel, it stops you in your tracks.

The long water at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

So understated and beautiful with a lovely view across the Surrey countryside.  This wild flower meadow is a new addition to Loseley Park.  Many of the flowers have finished now, but I think you’ll agree that it still looks absolutely wonderful.

View across the wildflower meadow at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Designs

The water lilies were stunning when we were there too, this photo looks back towards the entrance tunnel…

Water lilies on the long water at Loseley Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I have one more post to follow which will feature the organic vegetable, Rose and Herb Gardens but for now I am going to leave you with a picture of the steps that lead you back up to the main garden.

The steps from the long water at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Designs

Absolutely gorgeous!


(Images: Lisa Cox for The Room Outside)




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4 Responses to “A glorious morning at Loseley Park – The Flower Garden & Long Water”

  1. I can’t believe people don’t comment or share your blog loud enough, Lisa! It’s wonderful. I am so glad I’ve stumbled upon it. Inspiring and thought-provoking, lots of goodness – to read and to admire. 😉 i will stick around, for sure.
    Have a great day! Hopefully it doesn’t rain at your place as it does all day here, in Holland. But then again – a chance to read some good stuff. 🙂

  2. Lisa Cox says:

    Wow, thank you Olga. Lovely to get feedback, especially the good stuff! Looking forward to providing more inspiration over the coming days, weeks, months & years! 🙂

  3. JennyvdM says:

    Lovely seeing Loseley Park again, we lived in the Stable flat, overlooking the garden, many years ago.
    It’s wonderful seeing how the team have developed the gardens, and give such pleasure to many 🙂
    I’ll be back here for more!

  4. Lisa Cox says:

    Lucky you – it’s such an idyllic setting. I love Loseley…always feels like you’re walking around a personal garden!

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