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Funky outdoor rooms by Unidome

2 Written by Lisa on 17th Oct 2013 in Garden accessories, Inspiration

Pod tents by Unidome

I recently came across these very funky outdoor domes.  I love the versatility of them and, because they’re classed as semi-permanent structures, there’s no requirement to apply for planning permission before erection.

Unidome pods at creamfields festival

They’re often used by festival organisers as a slightly more up market camping option but they also make great play spaces both for children and adults!

Unidome pods

The frames are handmade using sustainable timber and each segment is available with cloth, greenhouse of wood coverings which gives the flexibility of using more than one colour and finish.

Unidome pod

Unidome camping

Each stackable segment weighs just 5kg and takes two people around 10 minutes to put up. This not only makes them easy to store away but also very transportable.

Transportable pods by Unidome

Bespoke versions are also available which gives more flexibility depending on what you want to use it for.

Unidome pod in garden

Pods by unidome

Colourful pods by Unidome

Prices start from £2,000 + VAT and with a life expectancy of 30 years I think that’s pretty reasonable.  They’re certainly a much more cosy option than your average tent!

Unidome also offer them for rent, so you might want to try one out before you buy or think of using them for one-off occasions such as childrens’ parties.

There’s lots more information on the Unidome website if you’re interested in learning a bit more about them.


(Images: Unidome)





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