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Working in Leeds Part 1- A “Garden Designer in Your Home” project

2 Written by Lisa on 1st Nov 2011 in From the drawing board

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a couple in Leeds.  Although they had recently had their garden redesigned they just didn’t feel that the design reflected the brief they had given.  They decided that the best course of action was to try and work through a new design themselves but just didn’t know where to start.  During an internet search for paving, they stumbled across my blog and website and realised quite quickly that I am very passionate about working with my clients to create a garden that fits in with their personal style and requirements.

We quickly established that what they needed was some help to improve their existing garden.  Since taking down a mature conifer at the end of the garden, the existing brick pergola no longer has a purpose and the paving is uneven and in need of a revamp.  Now they are well into their retirement, despite being keen gardeners, they also wanted some help to make the garden easier to manage in future years.

Last Friday I spent the day with them at their home.  We talked through the brief in detail and spent time in the garden so that I could get a really good feel for the space and the elements that were to remain in place.  As we already had a copy of the survey I was able to draw this up before our meeting and we therefore had a good few hours together to work on the design. 

What my clients found most useful was the thought process when we put pencil to paper.  Being part of the design process meant that we were able to talk through each of the elements as we went and amend them if required.  I really wanted to give them the confidence to take the design forward afterwards and I am certain that this was achieved.

Later in the week I’ll walk you through the process we used to develop the design and I’ll also show you the finished Concept Plan and sketches that I’ve been tidying up ready to send off to the client.

From the Drawing Board: Concept sketches for a project in Cobham

0 Written by Lisa on 14th Oct 2011 in From the drawing board

I know, I know, I have already showed you a concept design and sketches this week for a garden in Sutton, but I wanted to show you the sketches I put together for a garden in Cobham as it’s a really exciting project and one that has been a little challenging to tie all together. Read more

From the Drawing Board: Concept design and sketches for client in West Sussex

0 Written by Lisa on 16th Sep 2011 in From the drawing board

I have recently been working with a client in West Sussex who had their garden designed and built some 20 years ago.  It’s an amazing location, tucked away in the country and the garden is fully mature now and really quite wonderful.   So why, I ask you say, have I been asked to come in and have a look? Read more

Designing Your Own Garden: Creating the design

0 Written by Lisa on 9th Sep 2011 in Design Tips

So, you’ve carried out and drawn up the survey of your garden and analysed the site.  You’ve also made a note of your own brief – what you want to include, how you want to feel when you step out into the garden and you’ve got a good idea about your personal style and how this will be applied to the garden. Read more

From the Drawing Board: Concept design and sketches for an interior designer

0 Written by Lisa on 5th Sep 2011 in From the drawing board

I have recently been commissioned by a local interior designer to design the entranceway to their new office.  Their business has just gone through a period of rapid growth and this has resulted in a garage conversion project to provide more office space for their team. Read more

How much does a garden cost?

0 Written by Lisa on 10th Aug 2011 in Design Tips

Most clients I see don’t normally have a budget figure in mind for the garden, mostly because they just don’t know how much they need to be spending but also, I think, because they don’t view the garden in the same way as they would a house building project. Read more

Delighted to announce my new “Garden Designer In Your House” package

2 Written by Lisa on 22nd Jun 2011 in From the drawing board

I am very excited to announce that I have just launched my new “Garden Designer In Your House” package which is aimed at clients who want to design and build their own garden but who would like some input from a professional designer. Read more

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