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Inspiration from the hedgerow

1 Written by Lisa on 2nd Jun 2016 in Inspiration

Our Welsh lane in early summer Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I get a lot of inspiration from nature and in the aftermath of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the hedgerows along our lane are just stunning at the moment.

They’ve been full of wild flowers pretty much from the start of March and now the cow parsley, ferns and red campion are coming out it looks an absolute picture.

Cow Parsley Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Red campion in our lane Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Cow Parsley in our lane Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I have memories if walking along the lanes in summer when I was a little girl.  We used to stay on a farm near Brecon, they were happy days.

Wild Anemone in hedgerow Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Red campion in the bank Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Cow Parsley in hedgerow Lisa Cox Garden Designs

At Chelsea there were a number of gardens with wild naturalistic planting but the lane outside our house is pretty much a replica of the planting scheme in the Hartley Botanic garden.  Of course it won’t look this way forever, but if I can capture at least an essence of the hedgrow in our garden then I’ll be really happy.

Asplenium in hedgrow Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The ferns are stunning too.  We have lots of wild Asplenium and Lady ferns along the lane which look gorgeous when the light catches them from behind.

Asplenium in banks along road Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Arching grass in bank Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The anemones are still looking amazing mixed in with the other foliage.

Anemones & ferns in hedgerow Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Anemone in bank Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Amenone & Red Campion Lisa Cox Garden Designs

And it won’t be long before the foxgloves are in flower…one of the main plants at Chelsea this year…

An emerging Foxglove Lisa Cox Garden Designs

So, as you can see, I don’t need to venture too far from some inspiration.  Even if you don’t live in a rural location, I urge you to get out there and see what nature is doing.  It’s amazing what you’ll find.

But I’ll leave you with the photograph I took of a dandelion seed head.  We gardeners are always desperate to eradicate the dandelion, but they are strangely mesmerising when they’re ready to spread their seed across the land!


Dandelion seed head Lisa Cox Garden Designs


(Images: Lisa Cox)

A trip to Box Hill at dawn – Part two

0 Written by Lisa on 12th Dec 2014 in Inspiration

Frosty morning on Box Hill Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I hope you enjoyed the photographs I shared on Wednesday of my trip to Box Hill last Saturday at dawn. Read more

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