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A visit to the Thames Barrier Park in London

0 Written by Lisa on 3rd Oct 2014 in Inspiration

Thames Barrier Park Lisa Cox

I met up with an old friend on mine in London on Monday.  We decided to go to the Thames Barrier Park which I’ve always wanted to see and never quite got around to.

In 1995 the London Docklands Development Corporation launched an international competition to create a new riverside park and the winning consortium was architect Patel Taylor in collaboration with Group Signers and engineers Ove Aarum.

Thames Barrier Park garden Lisa Cox Designs

I was a little disappointed that sunken area in the park was showing signs of neglect, but it may just have been the time of year as there was evidence that work had started to clip the sculptural yew hedging.

Hydrangea paniculata Thames Barrier Park Lisa Cox Designs - Copy

It was still inspiring however and I’m glad we went.  The Thames Barrier is strangely beautiful anyway so it would have been interesting enough just to see that!

Thames Barrier Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The pavilion at the end I felt got in the way of the view of the barrier so I’m not sure if this was a later addition.

Entrance to Thames Barrier Park Lisa Cox Designs - Copy

I liked the simplicity of the grassy slope at the barrier end of the park which led up to the river.  The sides are built with concrete with strips of what looked like black basalt.

Thames Barrier Lisa Cox Garden Designs - Copy

Autumn birch in Thames Barrier Park Lisa Cox Designs - Copy

The areas around the sunken part of the park were also really well balanced.  I loved the contrast between the wild flower areas and the sculptural formality of the rows of trees along the river’s edge.

Thames Barrier Park river view Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Having recently been to a seminar about designing with maintenance in mind, I did think this felt like a public space that no longer received enough funding to keep it in good shape.  I really do think it’s such a shame, especially in a part of London that’s crying out for more green space.

But it was inspiring and worth the visit – perhaps if I went back in July it would have a different feel altogether!?


(Images: Lisa Cox)

Inspiration from RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013 – Part 4

1 Written by Lisa on 11th Jul 2013 in Inspiration

The Garden Pad RHS Hampton Court 2013 Lisa Cox

The next garden I’m going to feature is The Garden Pad which was designed by Dan Bowyer and built by London Gardens and Streetscape.  I know Dan and I also work with London Gardens so I was even more interested to see the garden they had created! Read more

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