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A visit to Raglan Castle with my camera

0 Written by Lisa on 7th Apr 2016 in Inspiration

Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

I remember going to Raglan Castle when I was little.  We always spent some of our holidays on a farm near Brecon so we stopped en route I suspect.  We used to love it, feeding the orphan lambs and helping when it was shearing time.

Raglan Castle Tower Lisa Cox Designs

Misty view of Raglan Church Lisa Cox Designs

When a friend of mine visited before Christmas we visited the castle and it was really quite impressive so I vowed to return with my camera when the opportunity arose.

Stone textures at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox

Large archway at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

Steps at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

The photographs I took aren’t exactly garden related but the stone and interesting angles and details made for some interesting photography.  I remember the same thing when we went to Rome a few years ago – there were some amazing textures.

Mixing materials Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Ferns on the roof Raglan Castle Lisa Cox

Ferns at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

The views were pretty good from the top of the tower too.  It was a bit hazy this time but I have an inkling that you may be able to see our house on a clear day.  I must go back with the binoculars in hand next time.

Fields at Raglan Lisa Cox Garden Designs

View from the Raglan Castle tower Lisa Cox Designs

View from the tower at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my images.  It was great to get out with my camera – I don’t seem to have had much time recently to dedicate to taking photographs.

Archways at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

Archway at Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs


(Images: Lisa Cox)

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