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RHS Cardiff Flower Show – Best In Show

0 Written by Lisa on 11th Apr 2017 in Inspiration

I can’t really believe that it’s two years since I built my show garden at the RHS Cardiff Flower Show.  This year’s show took place over the weekend and, as if by magic, the Amelanchier that took pride of place on my garden, came into full bloom.

We popped into the show whilst we were in Cardiff on Saturday and the stand out garden for me was designed by Chris Myers and won Gold and Best In Show.

There weren’t many gardens this year, but Cardiff show isn’t really like the other RHS shows because it’s such a small show ground in comparison.

Chris Myers garden was inspired by the legend of Blodeuwedd, who was a woman created from flowers to be the wife of the hero Lleu.

According to the myth, while her husband was away, Blodeuwedd fell in love with a neighbour and together they hatched a plan to kill Lleu. Protected by his mother, Lleu’s life could only be taken by improbable circumstances while he took a bath under a thatched roof by a river.

Receiving a well-aimed spear, Lleu thwarted death and turned into an eagle, and with the help of magic was turned back to human form. As punishment, he turned Blodeuwedd into a tawny owl and banished her to a solitary life in the woods.

For me the garden was a outright winner – it looked as though it had been picked up from a woodland and repositioned on the showground – not an easy task!


(Images: Lisa Cox, reference to legend of Blodeuwedd: The RHS)

RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2016 – My pick of the show gardens

0 Written by Lisa on 21st Apr 2016 in Inspiration

Amelanchier in flower Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Last weekend I went to RHS Flower Show Cardiff.  There were moments over the past couple of weeks when I was very glad not be on site building a garden – the weather at times has been far from idyllic. What a contrast from last year when we were blessed with warm sunshine – I seem to remember I had to use suntan cream! Read more

RHS Chelsea 2015 – Dan Pearson’s Best In Show

0 Written by Lisa on 21st May 2015 in Inspiration

Planting in Laurent Perrier Garden RHS Chelsea 2015 Lisa Cox

I spent yesterday planting up my project in Reigate so apologies for the lack of blog posts yesterday! Read more

RHS Chelsea 2014 – The Laurent-Perrier Garden…Best in Show!

0 Written by Lisa on 20th May 2014 in Inspiration

Laurent Perrier Garden Chelsea 2014 Lisa Cox Designs

To continue my coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show I thought it was appropriate to feature The Laurent-Perrier Garden which today was awarded a Gold Medal and Best Show Garden. Read more

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