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Create your garden course – Week 1

0 Written by Lisa on 7th May 2014 in Design Tips, From the drawing board

Design your own garden course Lisa Cox The Decor Cafe

It was the first week of my new garden styling and design course at The Decor Cafe yesterday.  I’m running it with friend and fellow designer, Sarah Speller, and it will run over three consecutive Tuesday mornings.

The idea is that by the end of the three weeks, each participant will know what their style is, how this can be translated into a design for their garden and how to move it forward.  We’ll also be looking at materials and plants, and we’ll go through some do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a contractor.

The Decor Cafe design your own garden course Lisa Cox

Yesterday, we kicked off with some beautiful garden images to break everyone in gently and to get them thinking about garden style.  Often people know what sort of space they like to visit or be in, but until you really try to hone in on what it is that “floats your boat”, it’s very difficult to move a design forward in a coherent way.

Design your garden course Lisa Cox at Decor Cafe Putney

So we spent much of the morning pulling together a “mood board”.  This allowed Sarah and me to spend some time with people individually so that we could start to get an idea of the sorts of things that inspired and how these might translate into a design for their garden.

Mood board session garden design workshop Decor Cafe Lisa Cox

These sessions are always really fascinating as often the final mood boards represent something quite different to what the person creating it was expecting.  But that, of course, is why it’s such a powerful exercise!

Defining style at decor cafe garden design workshop Lisa Cox

Working with different clients over the years has really made me appreciate the different style options for a garden.  What I can appreciate as good and positive design wouldn’t necessarily be what I’d have in my own garden, but if I am to truly understand what it is that ignites their passion, then I don’t see a better way to do it.

Communicating in pictures is so much easier and as the mood board comes together there soon becomes an overall “picture” of what the style and “mood” of the garden should be.


More details about the workshop can be found on The Decor Cafe website


My brand new garden design course at The Decor Cafe in London

0 Written by Lisa on 3rd Sep 2013 in From the drawing board

Start of the day - Decor Cafe garden design workshop

Today I want to tell you about the brand new garden design course I’m running alongside my friend and fellow garden designer, Sarah Speller, at The Decor Cafe in London. Read more

Five Christmas gift ideas for garden makers

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My how to design your own garden workshop

0 Written by Lisa on 30th Apr 2012 in Design Tips

Last weekend I ran my second Design Your Own Garden workshop at MakeMe Workshops in the Medicine Garden in Cobham.  This time I remembered to take my camera with me so I thought I’d share the pictures with you and tell you a bit about the workshop. Read more

My new “Design Your Own Garden” workshop

0 Written by Lisa on 9th Dec 2011 in From the drawing board

I am very excited to announce that I have just launched a “Design Your Own Garden” workshop in conjunction with Melissa Merchant at MakeMe Workshops.  The first one is planned for Saturday 31st March 2012 and will take place at the Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey. Read more

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