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Chelsea Flower Show 2012: My favourite show garden

2 Written by Lisa on 25th May 2012 in Inspiration

As you know, I have been at the Cheslea Flower Show almost every day this week helping to man the English Garden Joinery stand.  In some ways this has been brilliant because I’ve been able to see different parts of the show on each of the days, but what it has meant is that time has been a bit of a luxury and I haven’t had the chance to write any blog posts about it.

I promise to catch up next week but in the meantime I thought you might like to see some of the pictures I took of the M&G Garden, designed by Andy Sturgeon, which is my favourite show garden this year.

For me, this garden works on every level, it’s perfectly balanced.  It is a strong geometric design which has an asymmetric quality about it and I love the copper sculpture throughout the garden which is refelected in the pattern on the stone walls.

The planting is simple and elegant with bold topiary and perennial planting that brings softness to the sharp lines of the hard landscaping.

Look at how the topiary spheres lead the eye through the garden.  They create rhythm and balance and hold the planting together, contrasting brilliantly with the softness of the grasses, perennials and ferns.

This garden was inspired by the Arts and Craft movement and I think it has a wonderful mix of old and new…it’s really fabulous!


Chelsea Flower Show 2012: The finished English Garden Joinery Stand

6 Written by Lisa on 21st May 2012 in From the drawing board

It’s Press Day at Chelsea Flower Show today and it’s very exciting not only to be there before the show opens to the public, but also to be part of the show.  I spent a few hours yesterday with English Garden Joinery at the showground, putting the final touches to their show stand and I am delighted to be able to share the finished stand with you… Read more

Delighted to reveal the design for English Garden Joinery’s Chelsea Flower Show stand 2012

0 Written by Lisa on 14th May 2012 in From the drawing board

As you know, a few weeks ago, Rob Horton of English Garden Joinery asked me if I would like to design their RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand this year and it didn’t really take me very long to give them an answer…well, a couple of seconds maybe! Read more

My life as a Garden Designer – April highlights…

6 Written by Lisa on 2nd May 2012 in From the drawing board

Well it’s been a challenging month in the garden world with most of the water companies in the South East imposing hosepipe bans at the beginning of April but that’s another story for another time and, fortunately, because my Sutton client had a drip-feed irrigation system installed, we were still able to plant up the garden.  I didn’t finish the planting until 8.30pm so it was too dark to take photos, but I am going back later this week to take pictures and will of course share them with you then.  Ironically of course the irrigation system hasn’t really been needed yet! Read more

The Chelsea Flower Show – A talk by Alex Denman, Show Manager

0 Written by Lisa on 19th Mar 2012 in Inspiration

I went to the Landscape Show last Thursday with my friend Rona Wheeldon.  It’s always good to keep up to date with new products and services and it was great to see some familiar faces as well.  I will be introducing you to some of these over the coming weeks, but I first wanted to cover the brilliant talk “How to apply for a Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show” by Alex Denman, Show Manager at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Read more

Introducing English Garden Joinery…properly

2 Written by Lisa on 15th Dec 2011 in Design Tips

I’m always talking about English Garden Joinery and there’s a reason for that…they’re brilliant at what they do and they’re great to work with!  The best thing about them is their ability to take a concept idea and work with you to develop the design into something really amazing.  They also love a challenge so they’re very happy if the task in hand involves a bit of head scratching. Read more

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