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RHS Chelsea 2016 – Greening Grey Britain

0 Written by Lisa on 27th May 2016 in Inspiration


RHS Show Feature Chelsea 2016 Lisa Cox

The RHS are continuing their Greening Grey Britain campaign and this year at Chelsea they enlisted the help of Anne-Marie Powell to create a colourful front garden.

As you know, front gardens are a real passion of mine and my show garden at RHS Flower Show Cardiff was also designed to demonstrate that it’s possible to create a space at the front of your house that’s as inspiring and “green” as the back.

Show Feature RHS Greening Grey Britain Lisa Cox 2016

What I loved about the show feature at Chelsea were the vibrant colours, it made me smile! And it’s great that the public are allowed to walk through the garden – it will give a much more powerful message if they can experience the sense of garden as they walk through.

RHS Show Feature 2016 Chelsea Lisa Cox

You may not want something like this in your own front garden, but what about shared spaces within your community that could be made beautiful?

RHS Greening Grey Britain Chelsea 2016 Lisa Cox

RHS Chelsea 2016 Greening Grey Britain Lisa Cox

In some urban areas there aren’t many green spaces.  I lived in London for a while and we were lucky enough to have quite a large back garden, but it didn’t really have a front garden as such, just a small section of hard landscaping between the pavement and the house.

In those days I didn’t really have the same passion for gardens as I do now, but if I went back now I’d bring some planting into the mix, for sure.

RHS Chelsea 2016 Greening Grey Britain campaign Lisa Cox

Greening Grey Britain Lisa Cox RHS Chelsea 2016

Gardens are uplifting, they’re good for our well being, so why wouldn’t you want to make your neighbourhood more pleasurable and inspiring to live in?


(Images: Lisa Cox)


A visit to Raglan Castle with my camera

0 Written by Lisa on 7th Apr 2016 in Inspiration

Raglan Castle Lisa Cox Designs

I remember going to Raglan Castle when I was little.  We always spent some of our holidays on a farm near Brecon so we stopped en route I suspect.  We used to love it, feeding the orphan lambs and helping when it was shearing time. Read more

The importance of being inspired

6 Written by Lisa on 5th Jan 2016 in Inspiration

Pot of gold in Kilgwrrwg valley Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Happy New Year!

Pot of gold in Kilgwrrwg valley Lisa Cox Garden Designs

On this day last year, we packed up our house in Surrey and started our move to South Wales.  We shed a tear when we locked up the house, but since we moved into our new home on 7th January it’s been pretty fabulous and we love being here. Read more

Some wild inspiration in my garden

2 Written by Lisa on 22nd Jun 2015 in Inspiration

Wild grasses in Monmouthshire Lisa Cox

Over the last month or so we’ve watched out new garden come to life.  Not because it’s full of plants, but because it’s so wild and hasn’t really been “gardened” for years. Read more

A trip to Box Hill at Dawn – Part One

0 Written by Lisa on 10th Dec 2014 in Inspiration

Golden sunrise over from Box Hill Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Last Saturday, as it was forecast to be a bright and frosty morning, I got up really early and went to Box Hill to take some photographs. Read more

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