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Some planting design tips to help you along

2 Written by Lisa on 15th Aug 2014 in Design Tips

Planting Oxshott Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Planning a planting scheme takes time.  There’s so much to think about and consider to get it right.  As well as the constraints of the site (soil/aspect/drainage), you need to think about the aesthetic qualities of the plant (shape, form, foliage, colour) as well as how well and how long it performs for and of course how long you have to wait for it to become fully grown.

Planting design Horsell

But however long you spend considering the design on paper, it’s not until you get all the plants on site, ready for planting that you really “feel” how everything’s going to work.

Planting at Leatherhead garden design project

I’m not suggesting that the planning stage isn’t required, it’s absolutely crucial – how else are you going to know what plants to order and how many?  But when you get the plants on site you get the chance to finely tune and adjust things easily, when you can see how each plant is working with the others.

Plants set out for planting Lisa Cox Garden Designs

It’s really important to set out all the plants before you start to put them in the ground.  Place each plant in its pot in the flowerbed and then stand back and view from afar.  This will give you the opportunity to move things around and ensure you’ve given each plant enough space before you start digging holes.

Flower garden at Loseley Lisa Cox Designs

If you have a large garden and/or restricted budget, you may not have the luxury of being able to plant the whole garden in one go.  It is possible to phase the planting, you just need to tackle it in the right way.

Contemporary garden design for a modern mews house Sutton `

Tackling a bed at a time will enable you to phase the planting without impacting the overall look and feel of the garden.  And that’s why it’s so important to plan it on paper first so that you can just buy the plants you need, when you’re ready.

Back garden after planting Woking Lisa Cox Designs

Alternatively, you could start with the structural trees and shrubs.  Often these are the plants that take longest to reach full maturity so the sooner you can get those in the ground the more impact they’ll make when the final plants go in the ground.



(Images: Lisa Cox)

From the drawing board: Planting design for a client in Leatherhead

2 Written by Lisa on 25th Jan 2013 in From the drawing board

I presented the planting design and construction costs to my client in Leatherhead last week and we should be all ready to start the build phase of the project in March. Read more

What’s in a planting plan?

2 Written by Lisa on 6th Nov 2012 in Design Tips

I have five planting plans to do at the moment, of which three are for large gardens that will easily need a few hundred plants to fill up the beds.  For many people it’s the plants that get them excited about the garden so it’s really important that this element reflects their personal style and ignites their desire to be out there amongst them. Read more

From the drawing board: Concept design for client near Telford

0 Written by Lisa on 16th Oct 2012 in From the drawing board

Back in May I had an enquiry from a couple in Telford who had just completed a house building project and were starting to work on the garden. Read more

From the Drawing Board: Planting the garden near Woking

0 Written by Lisa on 21st Sep 2011 in From the drawing board

Yesterday was day 1 of the planting phase for the project near Woking.  The first load of plants arrived and the second load are due to be delivered today.  The first stage is to set all the plants out in line with the planting design and then we can start getting the plants in the ground. Read more

From the Drawing Board: Planting Design Presentation for Client in Ashtead

4 Written by Lisa on 19th Aug 2011 in From the drawing board

On Monday I presented a planting design to my client in Ashtead.  Sadly, she lost her husband a couple of years ago and because he was the “gardener” of the house, the planted areas in the back garden have become a bit tired and unkempt. Read more

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