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Some more images from Loseley Park Garden

0 Written by Lisa on 4th Nov 2013 in Inspiration, Plants

Heleniums at Hampton Court Palace Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I was looking through some of my images over the weekend and thought I’d share some more from my trip to Loseley Park earlier this year.

These are more focused on the flowers and planting, but thought it might be nice to be reminded of the gorgeous summer weather we had.  I remember it being absolutely scorching on the day, we were melting before 10am!

Scabious at Hampton Court Palace Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The Flower Garden at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The sweet peas in the Kitchen Garden were gorgeous – they’re such great flowers for cutting because they repeat flower all summer.

Pink sweet pea at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

These images were taken in the herb garden where the hollyhocks in particular were looking amazing on the day.

Loseley Park Flower Garde Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Hollyhocks at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Hollyhock at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Pink hollyhock at Loseley Park Lisa Cox Garden Designs

A short but sweet post I know, but hope you enjoyed a trip back to the hot weather…


(Images: Lisa Cox)

Loseley Park Garden in September

5 Written by Lisa on 30th Sep 2011 in Design Tips, Inspiration

It’s been almost 2 months since I last visited Loseley Park so the changes to the garden were really quite dramatic when I popped in there yesterday.  Many of the perennials were just coming to the end of flowering but amazingly, just a day before the garden is closing to the public, there was still something to take photographs of.  Read more

6 Late Flowering Perennials

0 Written by Lisa on 3rd Aug 2011 in Design Tips

The weather has been a challenge for most gardeners this year, a very hot dry spring followed by a wet cool spell and now it can’t quite work out what it’s doing!  One thing that is certain is the early arrival of the late flowering perennials and my garden is a bloom with plants that don’t normally come into their own until September. Read more

Savill Garden – A Royal Landscape

0 Written by Lisa on 26th Jul 2011 in Inspiration

A week or so ago I went to Savill Garden with Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona to see the new Rose Garden which was designed by Andrew Wilson and opened for the first time earlier this year.  Because of the challenging weather conditions we’ve had this year, the hot dry spring and the warm wet spell over the last month, unfortunately the roses were past their best – if we’d managed to get there a month ago, I think we would have seen a much more impressive display. Read more

Loseley Park Garden in July

2 Written by Lisa on 21st Jul 2011 in Inspiration

My visit to Loseley Park Garden was a little later than anticipated this month, but it certainly made for a more dramatic change than I had been expecting.  It has been 6 weeks since my last visit to the garden, which doesn’t sound long, but in the world of perennial planting it can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a space. Read more

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