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Some more highlights from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

0 Written by Lisa on 30th May 2017 in Inspiration

The Chelsea “breakdown” will now be well underway, always a tough moment for the designers and contractors after creating amazing spaces in such a short time and when they still haven’t managed to shake off the exhaustion.

Of course there’s a lot more work involved in creating a show garden that the three build weeks before the show opens.  Some of the gardens take years to come to fruition and whilst designers and contractors and still doing the day job.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took of the other gardens whilst I was at the show.  The smaller gardens can be much more inspiring for the public as although they can be a bit quirky at times, there is often more that people can relate to in the context of their own garden.

The World Horse Welfare garden really caught my eye, the sculpture was amazing – it somehow seemed so lifelike.  If you’ve ever been around horses then you’ll know what I mean.

My favourite Fresh garden, City Living, was designed by Kate Gould.  I loved this garden even though it was quite a long way from my personal style.  Structured and balanced on every level with lots of interesting materials and textures.

And a splash of orange here and there, my favourite colour!

This garden was awarded a Gold medal and Best Fresh Garden.

As you may have heard in the media, Chelsea was a little light in the show gardens department this year with just 7 Main Avenue Gardens compared to 17 last year.  The BBC2 Feel Good Gardens were created pretty much at short notice.

Here are a couple that caught my eye starting with the Jo Whiley Scent Garden designed by Tamara Bridge & Kate Savill.  These gardens weren’t formally judged, but I think offered the public some great inspiration.

The Jeremy Vine Texture Garden designed by Matt Keightley

And the Anneka Rice Colour Cutting Garden designed by Sarah Raven

I’ve been wondering why some of the major sponsors pulled out of the show and I’ve heard mixed opinions ranging from Brexit, to the new RHS show at Chatsworth House to the change in tax rules which restrict corporate entertaining.

But despite the gaps on Main Avenue, I don’t think the public would have felt disappointed.  My client in Monmouth visited for the first time in years and said she thought it was really inspiring, so surely that’s all that matters?


(Images: Lisa Cox)

RHS Chelsea 2016: My pick of the Artisan Gardens – Part Two

0 Written by Lisa on 26th May 2016 in Inspiration

Papworth Trust Together We Can Gdn RHS Chelsea 2016 Lisa Cox

This afternoon I have two more gardens to share with you.  The first is the Papworth Trust ‘Together We Can’ garden, designed by Peter Eustance. Read more

RHS Chelsea 2016: My pick of the Artisan Gardens – Part One

0 Written by Lisa on 26th May 2016 in Inspiration

Senri-Sentei Garage Garden Chelsea 2016 Lisa Cox

I love the Artisan Gardens at Chelsea – I sometimes think they’re more inspiring, probably because they’re so small and full of detail. Read more

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – My favourite Artisan Garden

2 Written by Lisa on 22nd May 2015 in Inspiration

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 A trugmaker's garden Lisa Cox

This morning I wanted to share some images of my favourite Artisan Garden.  Sometimes these small gardens can be more inspiring than the main show gardens. Read more

RHS Chelsea 2014 – The Artisan Gardens

0 Written by Lisa on 24th May 2014 in Inspiration

Artisan Opera Garden RHS Chelsea 2014 Lisa Cox

Here are my pick of the Artisan gardens, starting with the Topiarist’s Garden at West Green House which was beautiful. Read more

Looking forward to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

0 Written by Lisa on 21st Feb 2014 in Inspiration

Vital Earth The Night Sky Garden Harry & David Rich RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

It might seem a bit early to be talking about the Chelsea Flower Show, but the designers and exhibitors will by now be counting down the weeks and making sure everything’s in place ready for the build up.  By the time the show opens on 20th May, each garden will have been in the making for well over a year. Read more

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