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Constructing a garden…it gets worse before it gets better!

8 Written by Lisa on 12th Apr 2013 in Design Tips, From the drawing board

If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that the construction phase has commenced at one of my projects in Leatherhead.  Sods law it rained the minute the garden was stripped out and this means that the conditions on site are now a bit challenging.

Leatherhead Garden under construction Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I always try to manage my clients expectations and this is never more crucial than during the construction phase of a project because it really does get a lot worse before it starts to get better.

The build for this project should last for another 3 weeks and although it doesn’t look more than a pile of mud at the moment, we’re actually on track for planting at the beginning of May.  This particular site is quite sloped so I have been working closely with my landscaper to ensure that the levels will work.

Garden under construction Leatherhead Lisa Cox Garden Design

We’ve had to tweak them a bit because we don’t want to compromise the existing trees that are integral to the design, but it’s all starting to take shape now.

Digging out for new steps Leatherhead garden Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I guess I just wanted to share the glamour of the construction phase of a garden project – it might look like a bomb’s hit it, but in a couple of weeks time when I share the “after” pictures, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.  Now I’m keeping everything crossed that the rain stays away…we need a some bright windy days to dry everything out again….please!


From the Drawing Board: Construction has started at my project in Leatherhead

2 Written by Lisa on 5th Apr 2013 in From the drawing board

Existing Leatherhead garden - view towards willow tree

The construction phase started at my Leatherhead project on Tuesday.  I’m really excited about this project because it’s quite a sloped site and the new design will make it much more usable.  The clearance work has almost been completed and the machinery arrived yesterday so work will start today setting the new levels. Read more

What are a Garden Designer’s tools

0 Written by Lisa on 19th Feb 2013 in From the drawing board

When I tell people that I design gardens for a living, their response is usually something along the lines of “must be lovely when the sun’s shining” or, more recently, “wouldn’t like to be working outside in this weather”. Read more

From the drawing board: The build has commenced at my project in Leeds

0 Written by Lisa on 12th Mar 2012 in From the drawing board

I had a couple of emails from the clients I worked with in Leeds last week with the first pictures of their new garden in its creation.  It’s been a little while since I went up to visit them for one of my Designer In Your Home sessions, but work has finally started and the landscaper and digger moved in last Monday to get cracking.  What I love about this project is that I was able to help my client to see the potential of their garden and they have taken everything on board and are really excited about working with their landscaper to bring the garden to life. Read more

Sutton garden under construction week 3

0 Written by Lisa on 1st Dec 2011 in From the drawing board

I made a site visit to my project in Sutton yesterday and it’s really starting to take shape now… Read more

Project under construction: new terrace for a London town house

0 Written by Lisa on 8th Nov 2011 in From the drawing board

You may remember me blogging about this project a while ago when I shared the final design and the planting design with you.  The construction phase of the project started last week and I made my first site visit yesterday to check on progress. Read more

Builder vs. Landscaper are they really that different?

4 Written by Lisa on 24th Aug 2011 in Design Tips

We garden designers often have to be flexible beasts to meet our clients expectations.  When it comes to the construction phase of a garden project some clients have a person or company in mind that they would like to use to build the garden for them.  More often than not, this will be the builder who did an excellent job with their house extension project and has worked for them on and off for years. Read more

From the Drawing Board – Garden under construction – Week 4

0 Written by Lisa on 15th Aug 2011 in From the drawing board

It has been 4 weeks since the build commenced at the project near Woking and on Friday I made a visit to site so that we could sign off the final setting out of the front garden and also to check the scale of the large archway at the side of the house. Read more

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