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From the drawing board: My Weybridge project 9 months on

0 Written by Lisa on 20th Jul 2016 in From the drawing board

Contemporary lounge chairs Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Whilst I was visiting RHS Hampton Court Flower Show a couple of weeks ago, I spent a bit of time going back to see some of the gardens that were planted up over the last couple of years.

Weybridge garden 9 months after planting Lisa Cox

My first stop was Weybridge, which was planted in early October last year.  In just 9 months, the planting’s already filled out and it’s feeling like a proper garden.

This garden was a long time in the making, predominantly due a very challenging and stressful house building project which held things up, so it’s lovely to see a space that my clients now love and absolutely want to spend time in.

Planting in Weybridge garden 9 months on Lisa Cox Designs

Penstemon Raven Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The last of the lounge furniture is on order so I will pop back again when that arrives to take some pictures, but even so, I’m really pleased with how that garden is progressing.

Olive trees by main terrace Lisa Cox Garden Designs

What’s amazing is that when I first went to see the garden a couple of years ago, the wall above was one of the garage walls.  The decision to remove the garage and utilise the space has made all the difference to how the whole space flows and relates back to the house.

Main terrace area Lisa Cox Garden Designs

The soil here is really sandy so the plants have been chosen to cope with the lack of water over the summer which was perfect for the Mediterranean style that my clients love.

The olive trees have definitely been a success and once the fences are covered with the climbers, the walled section of the garden will feel much more a space in its own right.

Allium seed heads Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Sadly we’ve lost a couple of the large shrubs we moved, which sometimes happens when you try to re-home mature specimens, but the trachycarpus is hanging in there – it was such a monster to dig out that we’ve all been keeping our fingers crossed!

Main seating area with trachycarpus Lisa Cox Designs

Lounge seating area Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I’m looking forward to seeing how the garden develops over the next couple of years.


(Images: Lisa Cox)


RHS Hampton 2016 – Some final inspiration

0 Written by Lisa on 9th Jul 2016 in Inspiration

Feelgood front garden RHS Hampton 2016 Lisa Cox

To round of my week of coverage from the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show I thought I’d leave you with a few more snippets of inspiration from around the show. Read more

RHS Hampton Court 2016 – A very photogenic garden

0 Written by Lisa on 5th Jul 2016 in Inspiration

World vision Garden turf waves RHS Hampton 2016 Lisa Cox

I spent quite a bit  of time taking photos of The World Vision Garden – from every angle it was really photogenic. From the curved turf “waves” to the soft meadow planting. Read more

RHS Hampton Court 2016 – A bit of wild inspiration

0 Written by Lisa on 4th Jul 2016 in Inspiration

All The World's Stage Garden RHS Hampton 2016

Since we moved to South Wales last year I seem to be drawn to much more wild gardens.  I’ve always felt tuned in to nature, but at RHS Chelsea and at Hampton Court today, I was instantly drawn the to the wild feel of the All The World’s Stage Garden. Read more

From the drawing board: The finished garden in Hammersmith

1 Written by Lisa on 29th Jun 2016 in From the drawing board

Built-in BBQ Hammersmith Garden Lisa Cox Designs

I was up in London last week planting a garden in Hammersmith.  This small garden was part of a house renovation project of which the inside of the house isn’t quite finished, but the garden is now a fully functional room and now that they’ve moved back in, I hope will give them a space where they can escape from the chaos inside. Read more

From the drawing board: Chiswick garden 6 months on

3 Written by Lisa on 9th Jun 2016 in From the drawing board

Chiswick Garden 6 months on from planting Lisa Cox Designs

It’s 6 months since I planted my project in Chiswick so when I was up in London for the RHS Chelsea Flower show I popped over to see how it’s doing. Read more

RHS Chelsea 2016 – Some wild inspiration

0 Written by Lisa on 25th May 2016 in Inspiration

L'Occitane RHS Chelsea 2016 Lisa Cox

I love going to Chelsea and the occasional trip up to London but I’m glad to be back to the Welsh Hills this morning with the fresh air and peaceful surroundings. I mentioned on monday about the inspiration I’d picked up for my own garden and I wanted to share some pictures of the gardens that got my creative planting juices flowing. Read more

Why are gardens forgotten in house renovation projects?

0 Written by Lisa on 25th Feb 2016 in Design Tips


Have you been watching the BBC2 programme The £100k House – Tricks of the Trade?  I love it! It’s so inspiring to see what people do to their homes with modest and sometimes really small budgets. We’re certainly getting some great ideas for our own house. Read more

Dealing with sloped gardens – five things to consider before you start

2 Written by Lisa on 25th Jan 2016 in Design Tips

Surveying kit

I’ve just started working with a new client who has a small but tricky garden because it slopes quite steeply and there are two pine trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Read more

A stroll around the gardens at Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire

0 Written by Lisa on 19th Oct 2015 in Inspiration

Hampton Court Castle Lisa Cox Designs

I met up with my friend and fellow garden designer Paul Richards last week.  We’re (sort of) local now so decided to meet at Hampton Court Castle for lunch and have a wander around the gardens as well.  Mostly because it’s half way between us. Read more

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