From the drawing board: Concept sketches for a front garden in Reading

0 Written by Lisa on 27th Aug 2014 in From the drawing board

Reading front garden design sketch Lisa Cox

I have recently been working with a client in Reading to help them plan their new front garden.  They plan to build the garden themselves and had lots of ideas, but just wanted some help to bring them together into a coherent plan that they can work with.

Front garden in Reading before redesign Lisa Cox Designs

They want to create a striking garden with a contemporary edge, one that makes them smile when they come home and stands out, in a good way of course!

They liked the idea of using gravel as this is reasonably inexpensive and also permeable which means that they don’t need to apply for planning permission before the work is done.

As their neighbour has right of access down the side of the house to his back garden, we wanted to make a clear route at the same time as clearly marking the boundaries of their property.

The front of the house faces south and this means it gets full sun throughout most of the day.  There are plans in place to convert the garage into utility and office space so the garage door will go and be replaced with a window.

The existing bench will therefore be positioned under the window so it was important to retain some privacy, as they like to sit there when it’s warm.

Concept sketch for front garden design in Reading Lisa Cox

Part of the planning agreement for the garage conversion requires them to provide an additional parking space so that the new driveway will easily accommodate 2 cars.

Front garden before redesign in Reading Lisa Cox Designs

The contemporary style trellis will lift the space and make it more uniformed and the planters will provide a physical barrier without blocking out the light.  Planting will be simple and quite minimalist using tall calamagrostis to provide a screen without the dense feeling a hedge gives.

Front garden concept sketch Reading Lisa Cox Designs

Reading front garden before redesign Lisa Cox Designs

My clients are now in the process of choosing materials, but they’re keen to use a sawn stone and Horcott aggregate because it’s so stable and looks attractive.  I’m looking forward to seeing it come to life over the next few months.


Plans for small gardens – circles can be tricky beasts

0 Written by Lisa on 19th Aug 2014 in Design Tips

Cobble paving by Maggie Howarth at Gresgarth Hall

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Some planting design tips to help you along

0 Written by Lisa on 15th Aug 2014 in Design Tips

Planting Oxshott Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Planning a planting scheme takes time.  There’s so much to think about and consider to get it right.  As well as the constraints of the site (soil/aspect/drainage), you need to think about the aesthetic qualities of the plant (shape, form, foliage, colour) as well as how well and how long it performs for and of course how long you have to wait for it to become fully grown. Read more

Calamagrostis…one of my favourite grasses

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Contemporary garden design for a modern mews house Sutton 10 `

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A tour of the gardens at Glyndebourne Manor

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Glyndebourne Manor Lisa Cox Garden Designs - Copy

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From the drawing board: Woking garden after planting

0 Written by Lisa on 5th Aug 2014 in From the drawing board

Woking back garden after planting Lisa Cox Designs

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From the drawing board: A garden for relaxation 2 years on

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Covered seating area Twickenham Garden Lisa Cox Designs

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From the drawing board: Concept design & sketches for a client in Ashtead

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Concept Design Ashtead Lisa Cox Garden Designs

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Rooms outside by Green Studios

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Lores garden studio by Green Studios

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Something a bit different in the garden furniture world

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Dedon furniture collection

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