RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015 – 2 weeks to go!

0 Written by Lisa on 26th Mar 2015 in From the drawing board

Another week goes by and we’re another week closer to the commencement of the build.  I’m really getting excited now that we’re almost there with all the logistics and I’ve ticked quite a lot off my list.

This week has certainly been a turning point with getting everything finalised.  We’ve got all the plants arriving at my parents nursery this week – this gives us three weeks to get them in the best shape that we can before they arrive on site.  Ideally they would have arrived a bit sooner, but we’ve had a few challenges finding some of the plants.

Colour sketch of bench RHS cardiff 2015 Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Jonathan Blackburn is busy making the bin storage and bench now – we had a little glitch with the bin store this week as it would seem that Cardiff have the biggest wheelie bins ever!  Still, good to find out before it’s built, rather than when it arrives on site and the bin doesn’t fit – phew!

The show leaflet is almost there too and looking great.  I just need to take a few more plant images and then it can go off to print.  Caroline Harrison at Making Waves has designed it for us – she’s done a brilliant job!

This morning I’m off to meet with Genesis Marketing and Events in Cardiff who are designing and printing the façade for the back of the garden.  Looking forward to seeing a few samples of the print and also finalising the design – another big thing then to tick off my list.

As you know, this is my first show garden – it’s been exciting, a little stressful at times and also eye opening.  I certainly have renewed respect for all the designers that exhibit at Chelsea.

I know they have much bigger budgets but once the design’s in place, the attention turns straight to the logistics and planning which hopefully will make the build go as smoothly as possible.


RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015 – only 3 weeks to go!

2 Written by Lisa on 18th Mar 2015 in From the drawing board

Golden narcissus at RHS Garden Wisley Lisa Cox

Today marks the “3 weeks to go” date until the build starts at Cardiff and it certainly feels as though the clock is ticking at double speed now! Read more

RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015 – An update

0 Written by Lisa on 9th Mar 2015 in From the drawing board

RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015 - Victoria Park Mazda A Front Garden by Lisa Cox Designs

You may have noticed that I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks.  I haven’t been around much as we were in France for a few days (internet is always hopeless there!) and I’ve also been out and about sorting things out for my show garden with Victoria Park Mazda at Cardiff in April.  So hope you haven’t been having withdrawal symptoms…I’m sure you got by! Read more

Some golden rules when choosing your paving

0 Written by Lisa on 25th Feb 2015 in Design Tips

New terrace East Horsley Garden Design Lisa Cox

I went to Southampton for a meeting about RHS Cardiff yesterday and one of the main things to decide were the hard landscaping materials.  It’s so important when you’re choosing your materials that you check they work well together, and are in keeping with whatever materials are already on site otherwise you could be looking out onto a garden that makes you cringe! Read more

The big Reveal…my design for RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015

6 Written by Lisa on 19th Feb 2015 in From the drawing board

RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2015 - Victoria Park Mazda A Front Garden by Lisa Cox Designs

I’m very excited to be able to share with you the plans for my show garden at RHS Cardiff this year. I’ve been alluding to it for some time so it’s great to finally be able to show you the design and tell you more about it. Read more

Looking beyond your boundaries

0 Written by Lisa on 16th Feb 2015 in Design Tips

Majestic oak tree in Surrey hills Lisa Cox Garden Designs

Borrowing the landscape is a garden design trick of old.  Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a great view, it doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow some of the features from the neighbouring landscape. Read more

A visit to New Wood Trees in Devon

2 Written by Lisa on 9th Feb 2015 in Inspiration, Plants

New Wood Trees Devon Lisa Cox Garden Designs

I went to visit New Wood Trees on Wednesday, a fabulous nursery in Devon specialising in multi-stem trees.  I’ve sourced a few trees from them in the past, but it was great to finally make a trip there to see the extent of their stock and to meet the owner, Philip Nieuwoudt. Read more

Do you really know your garden?

2 Written by Lisa on 27th Jan 2015 in Design Tips

Snowdrops Lisa Cox Garden Designs

We ventured out into the garden yesterday to do a bit of clearing up. The house had been empty for almost a year before we moved in and before that was rented out for a few years so the garden has really been left to its own devices. Read more

Some misty pictures from the Welsh Hills

6 Written by Lisa on 19th Jan 2015 in From the drawing board

Misty morning in the Welsh Hills Lisa Cox Garden Designs

We’ve been in Wales for almost 2 weeks now and every morning we wake up to the Welsh Hills and it makes my heart sing. Read more

A week in Wales

0 Written by Lisa on 15th Jan 2015 in From the drawing board

View from garden at back Lisa Cox Designs

We’ve been in Wales for a week now and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to wake up to the view over the Welsh Hills.  It never seems to look the same – we’re had all weather’s thrown at us including snow and hail, but we haven’t looked back once. Read more

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